Sunday, May 27, 2007

Barcelona... in colour

On the last weekend of April, three of my friends (Cata, Bé & Mendes) and I decided to go to Barcelona as a friend of ours, Aninhas, was there doing Erasmus. We couldn't miss the opportunity!
Obviously, I fell in love with the city, the people, the ambiance... everything!
Here's the colour film (Fuji Superia +3 if I'm not mistaken) I took there, still have another b&w film, but have no money to develop it yet :P

Cata ;)

There was a dancing class going on in the middle of a parc. Thought that was pretty great.

These were taken in a market near the Ramblas, the most gorgeous market i've ever been to. I basically wanted to live in i! Don't have many photos because the second time i went there with my camera ready it was basically closing :S. I'll have better luck next time ;)

While Bé and I were waiting for Cata & Ana, we saw these two guys playing with their kids. First we thought it was a gay couple, after a while we realised they were both waiting for their wives. The kids adored each other, it was really cute.


Love their cabs, they are gorgeous! Portuguese cabs are the ugliest things ever!

To be continued...

all the children are insane, waiting for the summer rain

i f***** my american c***, i loved my english romance