Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On Sunday...

... I bake.

And on monday, I bring pie to my friends.

Blackberry and Apple Pie

Friday, May 02, 2008

February 2008

Finally had some time off to scan the negatives from February... Yeah, i'm kind of behind on that. Still have two films to develop from march and april. But that will have to wait unfortunetly.
In February I had a well deserved week of holidays, so Sarah, her friend André & I decided to go spend a weekend in Porto, which I had never visited before, so that was nice. Also, it was the first big trip in my brand new car, Vassil! :D He did very well.
Here are some photos of those 2 days.


The best 'francesinhas' in Porto. Yummy. The tiny restaurant only had 3 tables and one guy preparing the food! He sure knew how to, it was delicious!

Sarah <3

André :)

Good but expensive as hell cappuccino! Sitting there we also found out that Porto is the emo capital of Portugal. Never in my life did I see so many emo kids at the same time. They were everywhere. It was quite disturbing.

Sarah riding my gorgeous car in the city! I was pretty exhausted after my first long trip. :). She did well. eheheh. Oh, the TomTom helped! ahahaha


Typical bathroom self portrait. Boring.

End of the Porto trip

Dropped by on a friend's homemade photoshoot. Never tried doing that, don't think I will, those lights gave me a headache! But she's doing great!

One evening, a couple of friends and I went to this place where you could play all kind of society games (?) like monopoly and stuff like that. Was good fun.

Antunes and his new facial hair style! It didn't last long, I liked it tho.
He hates it when I try to take photos of him. Sorry babes.

That's all for now folks.
I hope you enjoyed the ride and that everything is good with everyone.