Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rita - Once I

She is... wonderfull...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wear it on reverse and have a blast

Just trying some things... Tell me what you think...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Last week had a dinner "for girls only"... Little did i know what would happen that night. hehe.
Dinner started calmly and with the prospects of remaining that way through the evening. 9 girls and my brother (lol) had a good dinner (what i'm not alowed to brag anymore? :P), looked at some photos from other dinners and talked... Then most of them left, and 3 of them and myself remained...
This is what happenned next :

Be afraid... Be very afraid...


Catarina :) (Estas já gostas é? Já está satisfeita a menina ou ainda não? :P)

And finally good old Sarah :)

Way too many photos were taken that night, these are just some of my favorites... There'll be more to come, sometime soon :)


Saturday, October 14, 2006

So it seems like i've been taking more colour photos than black & white, which is unlike me... But oh well...
These were taken during a dinner at my place a few weeks back...
Nothing special, only good times ;)

This is Elis, she's doing Erasmus here, and is living with Estrela... I think she was instantly adopted by us. She's studying photography...
She seemed to be enjoying the pie (Obrigada Rita!!;)).

She's going to kill me for posting this... but i like it...

So... I have this obsession with certain people, in the way that i wish i could photograph them all day long... And that's not a very nice thing when the person doesn't like being photgraphed at all. hehehe. She's definetly one of them, my dear Sarah... I think she's gotten used to it by now...

Smile ;)

Leonor e Quim... Quim e Leonor...
I don't know if you ever met "the perfect couple"... I don't know if it even exists... But this one comes pretty close to it. You know, when you can feel the love, almost touch it? They are so cute it almost makes you sick... but in a good way...
I already loved him before, and now i definetly love her, and love them...

And to end in beauty... This was a couple of days later, my boys in dutti... hehe... David throwing me his sexy look/face!
Power to the nerds!!!

That's all folks ;)
Hope you all enjoy, make sure you leave comments.

I need a fashion sense

Holga rocks

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back to School

So... Summer is over, uni is starting again... This was the first day we were back there. I actually really missed these guys... Summer ended up by being quite boring, having more fun now... Beginning of classes, you don't do much anyway, and you get to hang out with friends all the time... Sweet.
Soon you'll hear me complaining because the work will start... hehehe
Doing our schedule is a pain in the ass... hehehe, a lot of waiting and a lot of redoing as we go...
Cata seemed frustrated. hehehe

This photo i didn't actually take... It was Canoas (he's in the upper photo), i went to do my schedule, and left my camera with him, as it was in manual mode and he did'nt adjust the exposure, the photo came out really white. Had to really pump up the contrast, but like how it came out... Very american school. lol. Now wish i had taken it. hehehe

Sooze ;)

This is our new "thing"... When you go to buy glasses, buy the ones that make you laugh... This is Quim, he got these in London...
This was started by Bé and Cata... I have to take a photo of them with their glasses... hahaha. What an awesome couple!

Hope i find you all well.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Shit happens...

This i definetly can't post on DA... Lol
I think the title is self explanatory ;)


Monday, October 02, 2006

Animal Planet

Anyone who knows me knows I have a passion for animals, and especially my cat, Conrad. So he is the main subject and model of my photos as he is always available and doesn't seem to be annoyed by it.
So here's a post dedicated to him and a few other animals.

I like shooting street cats, each time I see one I try to take a photo. So here's a few of them... The first one was a cat in Bulgaria that appeared near my apartment. I was actually feeding a baby black cat that had been meowing all day inside the engine of a car, he was tiny and would jump in and out of it without a problem... I stayed 20 minutes by the car thinking he was stuck, trying to find a way to take him out of there, when i finally gave up and walked away the little thing jumped out of the engine... hehe. This big one just showed up a bit later, probably attracted by the smell of food. Like the sequence.

Some other cats in Sofia...

And a cat that lives next to a friends house in Sintra... This one is quite impressive as the cat has no nose and most of it's ears bit off.

This one was standing by my building door in Lisbon a couple of nights back. Love how he was sitting. He seemed all important.

Here are a few dog shots. Love them as well, but prefer shooting cats somehow.

I'm not a big fan of macro photography, neither do I have the tools for it... But sometimes i fall in love with these creatures as well... These are two examples... A snail i found in an underground in Sofia, and a little something (hehehe what the hell is it?) with pink stripes and a blue tail i saw last week in Sintra. The focus isn't right, i know.

And that's all for today... It's a pain in the ass posting photos here... I've been here for hours... Maybe it's just my internet that is slow and stupid... who know's.

I hope I find you all well