Sunday, June 24, 2007

I've always had a thing for red shoes

So, thursday, it was the first concert ever of miss Rita Redshoes as a solo artist, and let me tell you... IT ROCKED!

I knew she was talented and good, but not this much! The only bad thing was that it was too short! Only 4 songs! I wanted more, much more. So Rita... I'm waiting my dear ;)

For those who don't know who Rita Redshoes is, you should, check her out on :

In the meantime just imagine the sweetest girl you'll ever meet with a voice of an angel (I don't believe in angels, but if they did exist, that's what they would sound like!).

So let me walk you through the whole event. Arrived early, around 9, to get a nice spot. They were rehearsing, and I sat with the beautiful Rita (another Rita :P) which I missed a lot (Ritinha minha linda, tens que cá vir mais vezes!). The concert was delayed for about 2 hours, because this sir (portuguese people will recognise him) was late for the debate, at least that's what I think happenned :P.

Finally after a lot of antecipation and waiting, the concert started.
They were looking great! The band, the red boys, were all dressed alike - in black with red shoes and a red tie. And Rita... oh Rita :) Beautiful dress, and those shoes, the shoes!!

So I leave you with some shots of the concert, couldn't move a lot, so this was as good as I could get. (Vasco, não percebo mesmo nada daquela máquina!! eheheheh. Mas não, não te a dou!)

The famous Redshoes ;)

After tidying up :)

So that's that, hope you enjoyed it, sorry for the lack of diversity of the photos, and I apologize to the "red boys" that you can barely see, but you were all in the dark. Next time ;)

Hope this all finds you well!
I'm in need of some vacations and some sun!


Friday, June 22, 2007

I wanna be just like you!

Quando eu for grande quero ser como estas senhoras:


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dream On Girl

Apareçam que vale a pena.