Thursday, February 22, 2007

Madrid Part II

So, it's time for the digital photos I took in Madrid. Didn't take many, and the results were poorer than with my Nikon.

1st night - Friday night, we arrived, went to a concert, and then had dinner at Viejo Madrid and ate the most delicious food, god I miss the food! hehehe

Then walked around a bit in the way to a club... This has no manip, it's the actual colour of the sky that night, it was midnight or something.

We got to club, crazy thing, terrible music, but the mood and place were amazing. I think it used to me an old palace or something. Got caught with my camera, and was told i couldn't take photos there... Oh well...

Diego, our Madrid guide (hehehe). with the waitress. ;)

3rd night - We went to the movies, saw Children of Men. Was told that restaurant people would throw napkins, papers, cigarettes, food, everything on the floor. I didn't believe until I actually saw the floor of one of these places. Amazing...

And that's all folks ;)
Hope Life is treating you all well.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Cookie Monster

I bake them and then i eat them

Friday, February 16, 2007

Verão ROSSY!

(Título inspirado pelos membros masculinos da minha maltinha, que eram supostos ter um verão rossy 2006 ;) Aqui têm o que perderam :P)

As i did a topic about Daphné, thought i should make one about Rossy as well, wouldn't be fair otherwise :)

These were taken on July 2006, in Sofia Bulgaria, at one of our multiple tanning sessions at the hotel kempinski ;)
Tu te la pète un peu non, ma petite Roxy? hehehehe Je t'aime gros caca!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Madrid me Mata!

3 wonderful days in lovely Madrid back in the beginning of November.

Shooting street with a very loud SLR - no fun!

My favorite shot so far :) In the Retiro.

We probably caught the only weekend with lousy weather of the year. Stupid rain didn't want to stop.
He was in the metro talking, singing and showing people photographs.
In some bar ...
Back at the Retiro

There were some absolutly stunning buildings. Amazing stuff. Made you dream about living in a place like that... Oh well... once i win the lottery maybe :P
Metro, this one didn't come out as wanted... I have shaky hands...

Madrid by Night

In the way back home

Hope this finds you all well

My Daphné

She came to visit me in Lisbon back in November, only 3 days but it was great fun.

Je t'aime ma chérie! :)

Uni, my second home

"O Bar"

RubenGuidinha no seu melhor :)Catarina, a minha anormal preferida! :DTrying out a pipeQuim in his natural stateCanoas with his "home made" light saber... Yep, he was pretty excited about it. Sooze :) She and Aninhas left for erasmus in Barcelona. Divirtam-se lindas!Canoas, Peter & Quim