Friday, April 06, 2007

These are from my last colour film. Tried to push to 400 a 100 film. The result was interesting. Strong colours, big saturation. Me like!!
So there isn't any manip on these photos.
Hope you enjoy

Ps: Gotta love the dusty scanner! hehe

Self portrait after buying 2 pairs of shoes *aahhh paradise!*

The cliché shots hehehehe.

Self portrait... again

Catarina and her lovely shoes

Quim resting before classes... or was it after... or in between... or maybe during?! I forget.

Cata, after our "girl's shopping spree". :) <3

I don't know if he just looks gay or if he looks a bit like Brandon Flowers *drools*... hehe.
David with Sarah's sunglasses.
Hope life's treating you well. It sure is treating me well now a days!


Isa* said...

Ohh maltinha.. Que saudades!!
Beijokas enormes

Catrine said...

estou realmente maravilhada com todas estas fotos, cada vez mais espectacularmente belas e expressivas e cheia d orgulho por fazer parte de algumas destas captaçoes de momentos magnificas!
estou, sem duvida, muito bem impressionada! e impossivel n sorrir ou abrir a boca de espanto ao ve las! parabens! :D