Saturday, October 13, 2007

These Long Summer Days

Finally got my summer films back.
This post will be a mix of diferent moments and places of my summer vacations. Enjoy.

Neg scans. T-Max 3200


Beginning of July, my cousins blowing their bday cake's candles. Took me awhile to understand what this shot was of. lol

Bairro Alto

Nightlife in Lisbon, a sneek peek on it at least...

Belgrade - Part I

Went to visit my dad in Belgrade, finally! The place is really nice, but it was way too hot! 44ºC!


Yup, I was really excited about that :P Long live HP <3>

Damn, they have lots of scooters there!

Belgrade - Part II
Old school beach on the river, oh yeah!


Pure coincidence and luck made that 3 great friends got together in their favorite city for a whole week! :) Good times!

For someone, you know who you are.

Woohoo, freaky sunglasses!

I love the "non-sexual content" adds in Bulgaria. ahahahah

Bathroom shots ROCK!

Girly girl day! Brunch, Champagne, 1h30 massage, mani-pedi, more Champagne! And all for 50 euros! Woohoo

I don't remember his name, just that he was 9 and chased us for some money! Cute kid :)


I want her crazy sunglasses!!!

I took a photo of her last year, and this year I found her again, same place, as sweet as before.
This was the 2006 shot I took of herão+2006+063b.jpg

Gorgeous Daphné

This was the photo I was taking on my profile photo :)

Yeah yeah, Another cat shot. I don't mind. I like street cat shots! Shoot me. lol

Cool old guy :)

A portuguese lady in Sofia :)


Nice afternoon and night, even though it ended with some sushi puking! yey! Good times Mr Bitch ;)


Festival do Cinema Francês

Yummy Louis Garrel! ;)

The End

Hope everything's running smoothly with all of you!!!

Don't forget to comments, critic, insult me, whatever you feel like!



Vasco said...

sweet. :)

M.R. said...

Insultar? How come?
Adoro, adoro tudo. :D

sara said...

Magnifico marta! Magnifico.

Nicole said...

Well done Marta! :)