Saturday, May 09, 2009

1st experiment with cross processing.
This film has been in my camera since september/october, so diferent photos from diferent times and places

Friends - September/October

J. and I went to the Zoo. Eheheheh

At the beach in October :)

Carnaval Trapalhão - February - Espiche, Lagos.

Saying no gas is an understatement!


Mada at the Park :)

And that's all for now folks!
Leave comments, critics, insults, anything!


Ruben said...

I do Love, but really do, love your photos...

Still waiting for some "photo time" in your agenda...

How much for the photos?

Kisses from your fan!

Peter said...

bué legau!

Sara said...

Adoro passar por cá, sei sempre que vou encontrar bom "trabalho" fotográfico.
A revelação cruzada parece-me muito interessante, quero experimentar em breve. :)

adriana boiça silva. said...

Gostei muito muito do que vi aqui.
Passarei mais vezes.