Saturday, May 07, 2011

Diana! Oh Diana!

Honey… I’m baaack.

After sometime away, I’m back with many developed films to scan. Fun!

I finally shot through my first Diana mini film… and well… FAIL. Ahahah. I really need to get myself a flash!

Anyway, here are the few acceptable shots out of the bunch. Mostly random shots so don’t expect a coherent story surrounding them.

Back in December I finally finished my much loved masters degree (ahahah) with a bang (I caused quite an impression!) so I went out to celebrate with my friends and had some victory pizza.

Diana 1.1


Some time later (I’m confused about dates) Susana had a housewarming party, we ate cake with shinny candles, drank wine and heard the neighbors complain.

Diana 1.4

Diana 1.5

Diana 1.6

Diana 1.3



Random cat photo. Any excuse to shoot cats is taken <3 Cat lady powaaa

Diana 1.7


Meanwhile my apartment was slowly shaping up to become what I wished & dreamed of. <3

Diana 1.9

Diana 1.8


S. came to visit.

Diana 1.10

Diana 1.11

Diana 1.11b


I baked some big ass cookies for the contractors. Yummy

Diana 1.12

Last pictures before packing everything up.

Diana 1.13

Wedding invitations & pretty handwriting <3

Diana 1.14

My invitation Open-mouthed smile

Diana 1.15


Finally the warm weather came, and I went to the beach. Apart from getting a big ass sunburn I got from falling asleep (yeah, bright) it was a great day.

Diana 1.16

Diana 1.17

Diana 1.18

Diana 1.19

Diana 1.20

Diana 1.21

Diana 1.22

Diana 1.23

Diana 1.24

Diana 1.25

Diana 1.26


The day finally came and I moved to my new home. And my dyslexia showed up as well. Ahahahahah

Diana 1.27

H & T <3

Diana 1.28

Rossy & Adel were my first visitors, and we had good time sight seeing & eating.

Diana 1.29Diana 1.30

And that’s all folks.

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