Friday, December 14, 2007

Portrait of a Band

Tried out a new film and a couple of my uncle's lenses last month, and this is what resulted of that. Also trying out my new negative scanner (thank you Daddy! :D), so I don't really know what I'm doing yet. I just know it's a pain in the a** scanning film!
Anyway, I'm here today to present to you the greatest bunch of people in the portuguese music business! I would even say of the world's music business, but hey, that's only my humble opinion! I'm talking of course of mister David Fonseca's band, or as himself would call them - "The Pipol Of The Greatest Band on Earth"!
So, this is just a collection of very simple portraits that I think illustrate them well on stage as well as off stage.

For starters we have mister Sérgio Nascimento, I honestly doubt you'll find a better drummer in this town!

Then we have mister Nuno Simões... Don't really know what to say about him, just that he is one of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and I am honoured to be able to call him my friend. :). He also ROCKS the Bass guitar like no one!

(Não estavas à espera assim de um momento tão querido pois não? AH POIS É!)

Ladies and Gentleman, RICARDO FIEL! The crazy electric guitar player. I can't describe it, you just have to listen to him, and YOU'LL SEE!

(Acho que a tua avó não vai gostar muito desta Jocão! A Kátia Margarida fez mal o seu trabalho! Sorry! Porcaria da contra luz! Da próxima fazemos alta sessão fotográfica intitulada "Project Granny"! Aí é que vai ser! eheheheheh)

And then comes mister Paulo Pereira. Very difficult to describe to you what he does, because he does it all! From synths to cavaquinho, he's your man!
Unfortunetly he's mostly hidden during the concerts so I never get a clean shot of him in action!

The beautiful and wonderful Rita Redshoes. I have talked about her several times in here before, so if you don't know her by now, shame on you!
She is the queen of the piano, and every once in a while pleasures us with her gorgeous voice.

(Bad focus of this one... It must be her beauty that disturbs me! eheheheh)

And last but not least, David Fonseca.
He is not the one in the hot spot today, so I'll just say that HE'S THE MAN! Hell yeah!

And that's all for today!

Hope this finds you all well.

Christmas is near so, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.



simoes said...

Dassssss mais para a porra da careca,gaita!

simoes said...

Ah....e ja agora!!!TU ÉS A MAIOR PÁ!

Anonymous said...
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Liliana Lopes said...

Gostei especialmente deste post! hehe
E gostei tb das "silly photos" (como lhe chamas dos miúdos no Natal. Estão fofinhas =)

P.S.- posso adicionar-te aos links de "vale a pena visitar" no meu blog?


Menora said...

You write very well.