Monday, August 24, 2009

All you need is friends

They truly are the best things in the world... at least mine are.

Here are some photos taken last week during the 3 day farewell party we had for David, who was leaving for Freiburg ;(

I made muffins and brought a narguileh to David's awesome garden (I WANT TO NAP THERE). Unfortunetly, it was nightime so I couldn't take any decent photos of the place, but believe me, it's like the garden of Eden, David being the forbidden apple of course. lol

Sarah, being lovely as always <3

Canoas :)

Cata wouldn't put that magazine down...

Estrela - Solto e Suave

And David...

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the second bus home said...

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mas convém comprar assim que sai, porque vêm pouco exemplares.