Thursday, August 27, 2009

Croacia! Croacia!

In July, J. and I went to Croacia.

We got there "early" and our ride hadn't arrived yet, so we waited in the garden in front of the airport (wtf?!?) and almost opened a bottle of wine we brought as a gift...

I like guides: country guides, city guides, any type of guide. Apparently so does my dad...

The day after we arrived in Croacia we travelled down south to a town called Opatija

We went to a nice little beach with beds and water at 26ºC = heaven!

Baby S. is getting the taste for it early! Eheheh. She'll fit nicely with us! (Ps: No worries, no beer or any type of alcool was given to her, we were just pretending... She wanted it though!)

They were giving tango lessons at the hotel.

And then we went back to Zagreb <3. The kind of city i'd like to live in: pretty, clean & calm.

Ahhhhh.... wedding photos... so... lovely...
And I didn't take a photo of the next couple of shots: bride and groom, standing on each side of the tree, looking away and holding hands on the tree trunk... awwwww *puke*

Hansel & Gretel shop.

The train station was old school :)

There was a church at the station with a couple of people praying.

Ahhhh, I love the forbidden signs in eastern countries!

We went to a restaurant which had portuguese azulejos

After Zagreb, we headed down to Plitvicka Jezera, a national park with some gorgeous lakes inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The colour of the water was incredible!

Bathing wasn't allowed but I didn't resist, I dipped my feet in a little...

Best white wine ever! Miam!

My sister likes to eat... a lot. It runs in the family!

Now we're back in Lisbon, and spend most our time here:


joão amaro correia said...

e este blog ficou de férias?


Marta Jerónimo said...

A modos que sim... Fui por ontem 2 rolos a revelar, mas já nem me lembro o que têm la dentro. Provávelmente nada de interessante. Há meses que não pego numa máquina...
Mas agradeço o interesse, não sabia que havia alguém à espera de novidades.

joão amaro correia said...

não estava à espera. aconteceu passar aqui. apenas isso.


cravoecanela said...

Gostei muito do teu blog!E que lindas,as fotografias :)
Que máquina usas?

Marta Jerónimo said...

Olá cravoecanela,
Muito obrigada.

Hmm, uso várias. Neste post em particular foram só duas:
As fotos preto e branco foram tiradas com uma Nikon Fm3 A e as fotos a cores com uma Nikon F601.

almalu said...

beautiful photos!you are really takented!this makes me wanna go to the seaside!:)

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