Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back to School

So... Summer is over, uni is starting again... This was the first day we were back there. I actually really missed these guys... Summer ended up by being quite boring, having more fun now... Beginning of classes, you don't do much anyway, and you get to hang out with friends all the time... Sweet.
Soon you'll hear me complaining because the work will start... hehehe
Doing our schedule is a pain in the ass... hehehe, a lot of waiting and a lot of redoing as we go...
Cata seemed frustrated. hehehe

This photo i didn't actually take... It was Canoas (he's in the upper photo), i went to do my schedule, and left my camera with him, as it was in manual mode and he did'nt adjust the exposure, the photo came out really white. Had to really pump up the contrast, but like how it came out... Very american school. lol. Now wish i had taken it. hehehe

Sooze ;)

This is our new "thing"... When you go to buy glasses, buy the ones that make you laugh... This is Quim, he got these in London...
This was started by Bé and Cata... I have to take a photo of them with their glasses... hahaha. What an awesome couple!

Hope i find you all well.

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Catarina said...

Amo!! E ver ler e sorrir!!
Maltinha muiiiiiita krida!!! ;)