Monday, October 02, 2006

Animal Planet

Anyone who knows me knows I have a passion for animals, and especially my cat, Conrad. So he is the main subject and model of my photos as he is always available and doesn't seem to be annoyed by it.
So here's a post dedicated to him and a few other animals.

I like shooting street cats, each time I see one I try to take a photo. So here's a few of them... The first one was a cat in Bulgaria that appeared near my apartment. I was actually feeding a baby black cat that had been meowing all day inside the engine of a car, he was tiny and would jump in and out of it without a problem... I stayed 20 minutes by the car thinking he was stuck, trying to find a way to take him out of there, when i finally gave up and walked away the little thing jumped out of the engine... hehe. This big one just showed up a bit later, probably attracted by the smell of food. Like the sequence.

Some other cats in Sofia...

And a cat that lives next to a friends house in Sintra... This one is quite impressive as the cat has no nose and most of it's ears bit off.

This one was standing by my building door in Lisbon a couple of nights back. Love how he was sitting. He seemed all important.

Here are a few dog shots. Love them as well, but prefer shooting cats somehow.

I'm not a big fan of macro photography, neither do I have the tools for it... But sometimes i fall in love with these creatures as well... These are two examples... A snail i found in an underground in Sofia, and a little something (hehehe what the hell is it?) with pink stripes and a blue tail i saw last week in Sintra. The focus isn't right, i know.

And that's all for today... It's a pain in the ass posting photos here... I've been here for hours... Maybe it's just my internet that is slow and stupid... who know's.

I hope I find you all well


Nicole said...

Well done Marta ! ;)
Gostei particularmente das primeiras!
Quero continuar a ver as tuas fotos por aqui! :)

catananan said...

Estavas a voar qd tiraste aquela foto ao gato no meio de uma árvore??? =P Está deveras bonita: aquela criatura apreensiva e todo o ambiente verde envolvente. Llllobe it!
By the way..o q é q fumaste p te pores a fotografar lesmas? iieca! ***muah amori!

catananan said...

Ah esqueci-me! Como podia eu apreciar tais fotos sem comentar... O teu animal atingiu-me no peito! Bem fundo...! Ai! Coisa Linda. Q olhos, Q tons, Q imagem, e Q fotografa=)

philostrate said...

Não compreendo como não colocas algumas destas na devArt. Tens mesmo jeito para fotografar animais. Em especial, as fotos do Conrad estão exelentes...

Um beijo.