Monday, August 13, 2007

Barcelona - Part II - In Black & White

Finally got enough money to develop the b&w film I took in Barcelona.
So here they go.

I seriously need a negative scanner, getting fed up with the poor quality of my shitty scanner and the fact it gives my b&w photos a sepia tone. Sucky sucky

So if you want to give a good present, get me a good negative scanner, I'll be happy, and my photos much better! :D

The plane trip. Cata e Bé going through the Barcelona tour book or whatever.
Low cost flights kick ass!

Sleeping beauties

This guy was reading a pamphlet that said something like "Advises for Portugueses"... I wonder what it said...

These kids were on an excursion about Gaudi or something. They were cute.

An unusual musician... :)

Cata and Bé.


Again at the delicious market... One of the sweet stands.... Miam...

The greatest juices on earth! I'm going to buy a juicer just so I can try and make some of those!

Aninhas and Cata. Aninhas, our beloved tour guide, she was kind enough to offer us a roof to sleep under. Great great fun!

My purse got stolen while taking this photo. Stupid habit of leaving my bag open isn't a good idea in Barcelona. Oh well... I like the photo so...

"Our" metro station.

Venice? Nope, BARCELONA!

Le Cirque du Soleil was in town. Was fun to watch. Not really my thing, but it's a pretty show.

In the living room/our bedroom. Mendes, Bé and Cata. Three members of the Fantastic Four ;)

I like repetitive patterns.

Bé trying to put on Cata's ankle bracelet from India.

Thank you guys, it was a wonderful weekend. Had a great time and you are all brilliant people to travel with. I love you guys <3

Final shots before leaving at 5 o'clock in the morning, hence the brilliant focus on the last shot... No, I wasn't sleepy at all.

So this post is dedicated to Aninhas, Cata, Bé & Mendes.

The other photos from this trip can be found here:

Hope this finds you all well, don't forget to leave your comments.


Fred said...

Belíssimas fotos... um dia vou voltar a essa cidade. ai vou vou....
essa vespa bem que podia ser minha

Anonymous said...

Very original and stylish article and picture. Also you remind me my trip to Barcelona in the summer 2005. . It's no wonder why Barcelona city is so popular. Fabulous architecture, brilliant Spanish cuisine, flamboyant culture and wonderful weather combine to make Barcelona a truly magnificent city. The works of Antoni Gaudi dominate the city of Barcelona. And I liked that many of hotels in Barcelona are not expensive. And of course a trip to Barcelona wouldn't be complete without strolling down Las Ramblas through stalls selling flowers and birds, the street artists inventing even more intriguing things to mime and be painted up as statues, and buy packs of fresh fruit from the colourful market.
I agree with Fred- belissimas fotos.