Monday, August 13, 2007


"Leftovers" from the barcelona rolls.

Soccer makes boys happy.

My dad :). At my favorite restaurant - O café de São Bento.
Rossy came to visit. Was good to have her around, and fun to see her sleep in the middle of Bairro Alto.

Cata had an artistic flow, she decided to go with it, and made this wonderful drawing of "us as lesbian lovers". Lovely isn't it. Can you tell which one is which?

Our uni's play from this last term. Was really good actually. Went to see it twice. These were from the first night.

People seem to like to try my sunglasses on. Jimmy here, looking great.

Ego trip. Was a new dress.

My uncle had a house warming party in early June for his brand new house in Almoçageme, near Sintra. Good fun. And the house is great. Plan on going to spend some days over there very soon.
Pedro said he would pay anyone who could ever make him look good in a photo. Rafaela tried her luck. The lack of light didn't help.

The after party is always harsh isn't it?

The kids are alright :)

She likes to dance... ahahahahahah

Fred and his famous "bidis".

"A maltinha". Last dinner of our 3rd year at uni. Hope you're all enjoying your last moments of freedom, cos we're about to enter into HELL. ahahahah


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catananan said...

oh..q fotos lindas! =) tiras fotos assim sorrateiramente, nem damos por nada e dps vemo-las aqui e trazem tao boas recordaçoes..eheh. muahmuah***