Monday, August 06, 2007

Only Lovers Left Alive

Hey there.

After a 3 week absence, I'm back. Don't know If I'm glad or not, but I'm back.

Was lucky enough to visit 2 new countries, Italy and Serbia, and to go back to my favorite town in the whole world, Sofia, and spend time with some of the people who I love the most.

Finally found the Sx-70 there, an old man was selling it on the street, for 10 euros. I doubt it works, but hey, you never know and it was a nice surprise, have to start playing with it a bit.

Have lots of stuff to scan, upload, look through, etc. So expect new material within the end of the week.


Photo by: Daphné Vagogne


M.D. said...

Welcome back Miss Marta =)

Fred said...

Lucky girl...
eu não saio deste pais misero...ou melhor, já fui a espanha na viagem de finalistas, ainda estive meia tarde em Barcelona...para voltar lá.
Vida de pobre...mas ando a estudar (a fazer pronto) para alguma coisa